Military Father Surprises Daughter After A Year Abroad

Newsflare Published July 11, 2017 1,176 Plays

Rumble Prepare for your heart to melt as this video will warm you up! An emotional video has emerged of a father surprising his daughter at school. This was no ordinary surprise however as the father was deployed in the military for over a year, not being able to see his family. In the footage, shot on February 7 in Texas, USA, the young girl can be heard saying: "Daddy, you're home" before she runs into his arms. This video is one that should not be missed!

This is one emotional moment. The pure happiness and joy in the little girl's expression says it all when her father arrives home. It must be hard to not be able to see your family for over a year, even though you really want too. We should thank this man for being a good father and for serving his country!

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