Alleged American Islamic State Member Captured by Kurdish Shepherds North of Mosul

StoryfulNewsPublished: July 10, 2017
Published: July 10, 2017

Following the capture of Mosul over the weekend, Islamic State fighters were fleeing known strongholds of support en masse. One fighter, allegedly American, was captured by local Kurdish shepherds north of the Mosul Dam, according to local Kurds. While the reporting on the man’s capture was sparse, quotes from Duhok provincial Kurdish security official Ahmed Mohammad Tamar Hajani claimed the man, after crossing the Mosul Dam, wandered near the Semel District, located along the southern edge of the Iraqi Kurdish province of Duhok, where he was detained. The man’s reportedly has the initials T.M. and is purportedly an American citizen with roots in Pakistan. Storyful cannot confirm the identity of the man; however, during an attempt by a man who appears to be Hajani to interview him, he stalls when being asked about his prayer worship, and then briefly says “I am” in what appears to sound similar to native English, before the video cuts to additional footage of the men walking. Additional reporting from Kurdistan 24 quoting additional Kurdish security sources said the man admitted in interrogations to having recently crossed into Iraq from Turkey via Silopi, the location of the Habur border with Iraqi Kurdistan. At the time of writing, his identity, role in the Islamic State, and background remained unclear. Credit: YouTube/Kurdistan 24

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