£200,000 Ferrari gets stuck in Brighton car-boot sale

NewsflarePublished: July 10, 201791 views
Published: July 10, 2017

Footage has emerged of a Ferrari stuck between the stalls of the Brighton Marina Sunday market in the UK.

The footage, shot on July 9, shows the supercar driver unable to maneuver his vehicle through the narrow aisles of the car-boot sale.

"A disgruntled Ferrari driver left his £200.000 brand new motor in the Brighton Marina Sunday market over night, he returned to find it surrounded by Art crowd in one of the UK's most popular tourist spots," the filmer wrote online.

"He had to drive through the market making sure he didn't hit any customers or traders' goods that they spread out on the floor," he added.

We cannot be sure whether the owner of the £200,000 muscle car was completely unaware of the location where he left his car or he just thought that since it is such a formidable looking vehicle, that the sellers would just avoid it. Either way, it looks to us like his car's status got the best of him. Whatever the reason, this is just hilarious!

He was left with little room to maneuver the white supercar between all the knickknacks and trinkets. Even though he managed to get out of there, he still earned himself a parking ticket, because the glistening of the white blinded him from seeing the sign that warns drivers not to park overnight on Saturdays because level 9 is used on Sundays for a market.

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We sure hope he has learned his precious super-lesson!

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