What are Bit Torrents? & Why you should give it a Try.

umakantscPublished: July 7, 2017
Published: July 7, 2017

Bit - Torrent by Umakant Chaudhari on Prezi http://bit.ly/2tLw1Ps
If its popular its on the torrents

No one runs or governs the Internet, Internet brings decentralization . Bit torrent is one of the cornerstones of it

1st slide
Trackers just like the name suggest tracks Websites who has the information who have downloaded the files

Clients its a software now , recently we also have websites who work as clients .

2nd slide
Its Fast , very Fast
Website based trackers avoid the need of central server
Example Youtube . video is stream by one big cloud server ,

3rd slide
It can slow down Internet
Can lead to copyright infringement

4th How to use Big Torrent
Search for tracker website .
Simple google search Torrent tracker will give an elaborate list of all websites .

Two download option .torrent file and Magnet link
Install a web client, can not use on iphone , Ipad . only windows linux android Mac os etc

To allow sharing of file you should seed it or allow file to be uploaded by others

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