Kittens Snuggling Up Together Look Like A Cat With Two Heads

NewsflarePublished: July 7, 2017256 views
Published: July 7, 2017

Don’t you just love a good optical illusion? Especially when they come with an explanation, sometimes your brain really struggles to see the other image, but no matter what you do - squint, stare, turn your head or step back - you can’t seem to see it!

These little phenomenons happen all the time around us. It could be a couple of birds on a wire, a car down the street, or just your two run-of-the-mill furbabies. You can never know! Catch it on tape and you’ve got yourself a piece of viral gold!

A strange clip has emerged from the UK showing what at first glance appears to be a cat with two heads. A British Shorthair cat is resting on his perch by the window, snoozing like only a cat can. It wouldn’t have been anything out of the ordinary, if there wasn’t a second head right beside it. Four legs, one body, two head.

In fact it's a sort of optical illusion created by two cats lying snuggled up the same basket in such a way that only one feline body is visible. The two felines’ names are Barnaby and Balthazar, kitties who are famous for their antics regularly posted on Instagram by their lucky owner.

"No, this isn't a two-headed cat," the owner wrote online. "It's just Barnaby and Balthazar snuggled up at their home in Derby.”


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