5-Year-Old Jumping Like a Professional Rider!

nikosbrihmani Published July 6, 2017 4,831 Plays $14.84 earned

Rumble In this video, you will see something that is at the same time amazing, but in another hand terrifying. This 5-year-old girl is jumping like a professional rider on her horse. We are trying to establish how good this actually is. Every day we hear some news about young riders passing away because of stupid mistakes they do just because they are way too young and too small to predict some things.

Horses are amazing animals that don’t tend to hurt humans on purpose, but however, you cannot ever expect what is going on in their head. Some might get aggressive for any odd reason but also at the same time hurt little human being just like this 5-year-old girl. We are trying to establish now is this good or right. What do you think?