Students Suspended Because Of Riding Their Horses To School

Published July 6, 2017 327 Views $0.89 earned

Rumble — Tricks turn out to be more typical as the school year wraps up for some students. This 2015 story is turned into a web sensation posted on Reddit. Two school seniors were suspended after they rode steeds to class as a major aspect of “No Vehicle to School Day.” The choice to not utilize vehicles to get the chance to class was made by the senior class. Students were imaginative in their decision of option methods of transportation. A few students rode skateboards or bicycles, while other broke out four-wheelers. Yet, A.J. Sauceda and Clayton Torres got in a bad position with school authorities for their four-legged decision of transportation. The two understudies say they ride steeds rather than bicycles. The combine rode the stallions on grounds for around 10 minutes, then took the creatures back home. School authorities were sitting tight for the understudies when they came back to grounds. Sauceda and Torres were suspended. School authorities said it was not ok for the stallions to be on grounds.

The students were amazed by the discipline, guaranteeing that awful senior tricks had been conferred before in the week, and those pranksters were not suspended. Sauceda and Torres missed finals because of the suspension, yet will be permitted to make up the exams.