Security Camera Footage Shows Speeding Car Crashing Into Car Park

NewsflarePublished: July 6, 201795,632 views
Published: July 6, 2017

A video has emerged from Bulgaria showing a car crash through a fence into a car park. In the clip, which was filmed in Sofia on 2 July, the vehicle narrowly avoids two pedestrians before smashing through the fence and crashing into the car park in front of Sofia's The Mall.

The security camera footage that overlooks one of the levels at The Mall shows a rather quiet, uneventful sunny day at the parking lot. Almost all the lots have been filled. We see two pedestrians crossing the upper level of the car park, when a car emerges behind them. It appears that it is slowing down, when all of a sudden it plummets towards the fence of the parking level, breaks through and slams nose first into an empty space on the level below.

Another car approaches the site and stops at the smashed fence. Then the driver emerges from the car and runs towards the crashed vehicle, along with several other bystanders, in the hopes of saving the driver.

According to the person who provided this footage, the driver accidentally pressed the accelerator instead of the brake. There were no reports of any injuries.

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