Emotional Dad Gives Son Picture-A-Day-Treatment For Six Long Years

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Published: July 6, 2017

This is the astonishing video compilation one caring father created out of day-by-day pictures of his son. Namely, this persistent dad took the trouble and delight to snap one picture-a-day since the moment his son was born until he turned six years of age!

Can you imagine taking day-by-day pictures for six straight years and compiling them neatly into a timelapse video!? This creative dad did exactly that and left us for words. Talk about determined parenting!

Steve Dumouchelle took a picture of his son, Ray, every day since the day he was born. Even though Steve was worried that his son would eventually realize that not every household takes a picture every day but nonetheless Ray never minded posing for the camera, as he is truly a natural!

Parents often feel like their children are growing up in the blink of an eye. One minute, they’re your precious newborn baby, and only seconds later, they’re all grown up and going to prom! This creative dad took that feeling and made it too literal with his emotional video.

This loving dad took a close-up photo of his son Ray’s face the day he was born in August 2010 to commemorate his child’s birth. The next day he took another photo and realized that he wanted to keep going taking day to day pictures of his son. He turned his obsession into a daily hobby!

In a course of six years, Steve continued to take pictures of Ray every single day with each photo taken from approximately the same angle and position.

It was on August 4, 2014, when Steve shared the first version of the time-lapse video “Picture Every Day” containing all of the photos from the first four years of Ray’s life assembled into one video montage. Later, on January 2, 2017, Steve posted an updated video showing all of his photos of Ray up through December 2016, counting for six long years.

In addition, Ray isn’t the only family member who has gotten this picture-a-day treatment. Ray’s younger sister Cora has had a photo taken every day since she was born, and Steve himself has been taking daily self-portraits for the last 10 years. This makes up for a fun family tradition, so keep up the good work!

Credit: dumo via Storyful

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