Kayaker has close encounter with massive moonfish

NewsflarePublished: July 6, 20172,696 views
Published: July 6, 2017

Many avoid going into open waters out of fear of encounter with some of the oceans predators, like sharks or maybe jellyfish. But what would you if you actually encountered a species of ocean life that is rarely seen on the surface. First of all, you should consider yourself lucky to be treated with such an encounter.

Boris Pizarro Santana was out fishing with his kayak off the coast of Antofagasta in Chile, when he came across one individual of the largest bony fish in the ocean – the ocean sunfish. Also called a moonfish, adults of this species have a flat body that is as long as it is tall and can reach weights from 545 to 2205 pounds.

“I was fishing and suddenly I saw this beautiful and huge animal swimming calmly next to my kayak,” Boris recalls. The “huge white blob” swam unusually close to Boris's kayak, that left the man in shock!

It is only after he lowered the camera underwater that he discovered he was treated with a close encounter with the worlds most rare fish! Fortunately for Boris, the animal was not scared of the kayak nor his occupant and Boris got to film the moonfish without disturbing it in its natural habitat.

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