Dad Makes a Make Shift Roller Coaster For His Daughter

StoryfulPublished: July 6, 201744 views
Published: July 6, 2017

A dad from Pennsylvania named Victor Peoro really wanted to make his baby girl's dream come true. She wants to go to The Happiest Place on Earth, but it is too far away and the ticket is too much for him to afford.

This dad isn't an ordinary dad though – he took matters into his own hands: he downloaded a first-person view of a roller coaster, put his toddler daughter Autumn in a laundry bucket and let the party loose! The 2-year-old's happiness is unimaginable, giggles and laughs everywhere, as if she was already in Disneyland. We are melting over here!

When Victor realized a trip to Disney World wouldn’t be on the cards for his daughter, he came up with the perfect solution. The family set up a Go Fund Me campaign to make the Happiest Place on Earth a reality. In six days, donations rose to $3,435, which is $435 more than the amount asked for. But as Peoro points out on his Go Fund Me page how expensive even a 16oz bottle of water is, plus the price for the travel to Florida from Pennsylvania, it can't be cheap.

The adorable footage, rightfully called “poor people's roller coaster”, has helped their cause quite a lot. With their viral Internet fame, all we are left to do is give props to Dad for his ingenuity and extra for the sound effects.

Credit: KentuckyFriedIdiot via Storyful

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