Bulldog Dad Tries To Break Free From His Nine Puppies

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Published: July 5, 2017

Adorable footage from Belleview, Florida, has captured the moment a Bulldog dad finds the perfect spot to catch a much needed break from his nine puppies. Jenny Chamberlin shot the video when she noticed that the demanding pups were in the mood for play, however that came as a burden to mom Fiona and dad Sir Spanky.

Parenting is a full-time job and can leave you dog tired and desperate for a short break on the couch. Watch this hilarious video as the English Bulldogs runs away from the nine puppies that won’t leave him alone. Spanky found himself a bit overwhelmed in his role of parent, and found a perfect place to catch a break.

According to Jenny, the two-year-old Sir Spanky loves to play and never gets mad, but this time he needed some time to himself. The video begins when Spanky mistakenly runs into the gang of puppies and quickly turns around in search of safety from the nine attentions seekers.

This poor dad was desperately trying to put some space between himself and his loving kids and decided to jump on the green couch in his sweet escape attempt. He probably knew the pups wouldn’t be able to make the jump themselves.

When a litter of nine energetic puppies wanted his attention at the same time, Sir Spanky was understandably overwhelmed. The drastically outnumbered dad gets chased down the hall and under a table, but finally manages to get above the fray by seeking sanctuary on the sofa.

Give your dad a break!

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