Family Escapes Monkey Attack in Silver Springs, Florida

StoryfulPublished: July 5, 20171,001 views
Published: July 5, 2017

When you think of monkeys, you probably think of the ones we all have seen in the Disney movies. You know, like Apu from Alladin, or King Louie from The Jungle Book. We know them as friendly creatures, behaving like their human counterparts and joining them in their grand adventures.

In real life, however, monkeys aren't all that friendly, especially if they feel threatened by their surroundings, like the band in this video. A family was visiting a park in Florida when they saw a group of feral rhesus macaques gathering around them.

Susie Ramsey and her family were enjoying a pleasant walk through Silver Springs State Park in Florida when they came across a group of monkeys blocking their way. Minutes later, four larger monkeys began charging towards them hissing and grunting. Thatcher, Susie’s son, caught the whole thing on camera as it happened. Fortunately the family escaped and no one was harmed.

Earlier this year, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission put out a warning telling people to stay away from the animals. They urged the public not to approach nor feed the monkeys and to avoid contact by observing them from a safe distance. The rhesus macaque is considered dangerous to humans, mainly because they carry deadly viruses and are deemed to be aggressive.

Credit: TheBrotherBros via Storyful

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