Hugs from adult lion prove to be intense

TagPublished: July 4, 2017Updated: July 6, 201724,437 views
Published: July 4, 2017Updated: July 6, 2017

This is such a funny and cute sight to see! This lion is eager to show his owner lots of love. The lion quickly moves towards the owner putting his two paws around him. He is so big compared to his owner, he ends up knocking him down on the ground with his big tough love hug! They seem to enjoy each others company a lot! They love each other so much! Is there anything cooler than hugging a lion? It might be intense at first but it definitely seems exciting at the same time!

The majority of lions live in groups called prides. The size of the pride depends on the availability of food and water. Lions are the second largest cat in the world and are very social. You can definitely tell they are social from this clip! This lion is getting right into the hug! Lions will tend to hunt at night preying on buffaloes, zebras, young elephants, hippos, hogs crocodiles and rhinos. If you find lions interesting, check out the movie 'The Lion King', if you haven't seen it already!

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