Adorable Baby Bat Goes Bananas For Fresh Fruit

StoryfulPublished: July 4, 201730,079 views
Published: July 4, 2017

This rescued baby bat stuffs her cheeks with banana and enjoys being fed by her human. Miss Alicia goes absolutely nuts for the banana until her tiny cheeks are stuffed to the brim and cannot hold anymore food! The adorable bat was so excited when she smelled the fresh banana that she bit off more than she could chew during feeding time in Queensland, Australia.

Miss Alicia was rescued from a car accident and was brought to rescuer Denise Wade for rehabilitation. Fortunately nothing was broken, all four limbs were in good condition and she didn’t suffer any serious injury. Alicia is expected to make a full recovery and bananas are here to nurse her back to health!

This young bat named Miss Alicia was rescued in Queensland, Australia, after having a scary encounter with a car. After being hit by a car, she was rescued by the driver and was rushed to get the required urgent care. Thankfully, she sustained no major injuries, and was taken into the loving arms of bat conservationist Denise Wade who knew just how to treat her!

Watch how relaxed little Miss Alicia is, all wrapped in a cozy blue towel being fed a delicious banana. Given the fact that flying foxes have a sweet tooth i.e. their diet consists mostly of fruit and nectar, her rescuer knew that Alicia would love her treat. Imagine how pleased the bat was when she was presented with a fresh banana. She couldn’t get enough of it, so she decided to stuff her cheeks with banana! How adorable!

Credit: Batzilla the Bat via Storyful

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