Deferiprone 500mg

Deferiprone500mgPublished: July 4, 2017
Published: July 4, 2017

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Deferiprone solubility in water is 293.2; in ethanol 298.2; and N=Methyl-2-pyrrodlidone 303.2. In non-water based mixtures, Deferiprone 500mg is a class 4 pyridone with pyridin 4 (1H) 1 substituted and 1 and 2 positions by methyl groups, with the 3 position by a hydroxy group. This drug is lipid soluble, also referred to as fat soluble. Dosage for adults and children is adjusted for achieving a negative iron balance. The optimum dosage of Kelfer is 75 mg/kg daily with dosages divided in either 2 or 4 equal doses. 
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