Rare Albino Dolphin Spotted Off The Coast Of California

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Published: July 4, 2017

A truly unique sighting! A platinum white albino dolphin was spotted in the sea off the coast of the state of California, at Monterey Bay.

Kate Cummings, the woman who shot this incredible footage, says that not only was the Risso dolphin vibrant, leaping through the waters, but he almost seemed fluorescent when underwater. Swimming alongside his dark-grey friends and in the dark blue water, the rare individual really does stand out.

Kate first spotted this incredible creature with a group of whale watchers back in 2015, when he was a baby, barely at the fragile age of one year. Now the alabaster white flipper has made another ”public” appearance, much to the joy of the watchers.

Albinism in the animal kingdom isn’t all that rare; it is a genetic condition that is inherited by both parents. The condition describes and a lack of melanin production, a pigment that gives color to the tissues. In human, it gives out skin, hair and eyes their color; with animals, it makes them white with pink or red eyes.

When the rare individual was spotted two years ago, it looked more alabaster. This year, it’s skin had a more yellowish hue, owing to the fact that these dolphins feed off diatoms, a form of algae.

They recognized that it is the same albino dolphin from two years ago by the scars on the dorsal fin of his mother. They get that scarring from each other’s teeth.

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