Just a lizard looking very cool with a fidget spinner

NewsflarePublished: July 3, 2017Updated: July 4, 2017520 views
Published: July 3, 2017Updated: July 4, 2017

It seems that the fidget spinner graze isn't going anywhere just yet. What started as a means for relieving anxiety for those with fidgeting fingers, the fidget spinner has found its way into every person's pocket. Kids do all sorts of tricks with it, but the pets weren't immune to the fidget spinners either.

From dogs spinning the toy on their noses, then on balls balanced on their noses, then cats were seen playing with the toy...now bearded dragons?

This scaly gentleman is seen holding his chrome fidget spinner and looking rather dashing, the shine of the chrome highlighting his pointy scales. He looks like a true pro with the toy, holding it just right so that the lobes of the spinner can spin indefinitely.

Officially, the fad that was the fidget spinner started back in December of 2016 and it looks like it still might be holding. With it's rapid increase in popularity, kids started bringing the toy in school and many institutions have banned it's use. Publications have discussed the marketing claims of the toy that it was made for people suffering from ADHD, autism or anxiety, but no scientific evidence has been provided for it's effects.

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