Joyful Baby Girl Delights Strangers In The Supermarket

StoryfulPublished: July 1, 20171,048 views
Published: July 1, 2017

Babies are always adorable, but they can level up on their adorableness when they start exploring the world around them. First they have to hold onto something to stand up and their round butts make sweet ‘thump’ sounds when gravity takes the better of them. If the butt makes a squishy sound, that’s another matter…

But when they grow up some more and start walking on their own, that is when the true exploration begins. Everything needs to be seen, touched, felt, pulled and squeezed. Parents around the world have a field day when they go out for a walk with their curious growing tot.

Some kids are more curious than others; you will recognize them by their mayoral behavior. They go around, look everyone they can dead in the eye, smile and wave! They might even share a hug or two, for good measure.

Baby Joey is looks like she has all the making to run for mayor of her home town some day. It’s hard not to smile as Joelle, at just 16 months old, confidently walks through a crowded supermarket smiling, waving and hugging delighted shoppers. Mom Caitlin caught this quick snippet after nearly half an hour of Joey’s antics. With nearly 50 million views on Facebook, her infectious mood has now spread far beyond this Arkansas supermarket.

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