Friends Play Great Se7en Gag on Guy Who Really Dislikes Kevin Spacey

StoryfulPublished: July 1, 2017
Published: July 1, 2017

A group of friends in Connecticut, led by one Eddie Daniels, have been mercilessly annoying their friend John for a number of years by covertly showing him Kevin Spacey movies. John, who appears to be very unfamiliar with IMDb, has hated the sight of Spacey since watching American Beauty with his buddies. Having sworn off seeing the Oscar winner on screen again, his friends took up the challenge to fool the poor guy into breaking that vow.So far, they’ve reeled him in and somehow made him watch The Usual Suspects, 21, and a number of other Spacey flicks. An April 2 video uploaded to YouTube by Daniels shows the latest prank from the group. 90 minutes in, John finally realized that his least favorite Usual Suspect was also the serial killer who plagued a pair of brooding cops, played by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, in David Fincher’s Se7en.He didn’t stick around for the end. More details on this video are contained in a Reddit post below, as well as under the date, source and location headings.

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