Grandmother Tries Face Swap For The First Time

StoryfulPublished: July 1, 2017261 views
Published: July 1, 2017

We all know the struggle with electronics and people that are in their older age. How difficult it can be to grasp the whole idea and even find them self using this technology. This video here perfectly interprets the idea of introducing an elderly to an electronic device. The crazy part is the her family have even gone couple steps further and introduced her to the Face Swap feature.

A grandmother was gifted the Face Swap app by her grandchildren and family. Her reaction and laughs are just over the top as her grandson changes between faces. In the video, this lovely grandmother is just astonished by what this app can do and all the faces it can put on her head. She even requests pages in the wonder of what she will look like.

Finally, she asked about swapping her face with Marlyn Monroe, which she found to be the most exciting. The laughs and the joy her family gave her is definitely something she will remember, Its one of those laughs that prolong a lifetime.

Charley's gran cracked everyone up when she tried out Face Swap for the first time. She experimented with a range of faces, including Marilyn Monroe, Beyonce and even the baby! Do a nice one of me. A nice one, she insisted as the faces were revealed. This video had over 1.5 million views on Facebook at the time of writing.

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