Police Burn Seized Marijuana, Smoke Out Supermarket

StoryfulPublished: July 1, 2017
Published: July 1, 2017

This street in Turangi smelled pretty green after well-meaning police officers at the local police station tried to destroy a crop of marijuana by burning it in their furnace.Radio presenter Adam Green (his real name) was out to buy bread and milk at Turangi when he copped a whiff of the drug, then realised the smell, and plumes of smoke, was coming from the police station chimney.In the video, Green shows the smoky area and says: “Man, does it smell like the old ganja over there. That is impressive. I might just stand, in fact, here comes a good cloud wafting past at the moment. I might just stand here for a little while.”Taupo District Area Commander Warwick Morehu reportedly told One News that they would be looking for an offsite location to dispose of marijuana in future and the incident was “not ideal”.

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