Fish Never Misses a Catch With Rod Attached To Its Face

StoryfulPublished: June 30, 2017
Published: June 30, 2017

The tasselled anglerfish is the ultimate at catching its dinner and Sheree Marris from The Nature of Science was able to see it in action, underwater at Port Phillip Bay.“There is extreme fishing and there is going to such extremes that you have a rod and a worm-like lure fused to your face,” she said.“Nothing escapes this angler. It’s the master of disguise with camouflage so brilliant it can sit out in the open and not be seen. Silent and still it either waits for their prey to pass or lures their victims by casting the rod and worm-like bait.“And in the sea there is no such thing as a free feed. Any fish that tries to take the bait is swallowed whole, no time for chewing! It’s expandable mouth acting like a vacuum to suck up its prey. From beginning to mouth filling end, it’s all over in a split second.“Fish fall for the lure every time, hook, line and sinker.”This video shows the tasselled anglerfish hunting for other fish using its special equipment.

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