Epic Train Set Snakes Through House

StoryfulPublished: June 30, 2017Updated: July 1, 2017614 views
Published: June 30, 2017Updated: July 1, 2017

Ah, this video brings back Christmas memories… There is something about train sets that automatically screams ‘winter’ and ‘holidays!’ You can just hear the crinkle of wrapping paper made by tiny hands when they are tearing through the latest train collection given to them by their dear auntie. The squeals of joy and happiness would make anyone’s day! However, this guy didn’t let go of the Christmas spirit when he grew up. In fact, he made sure that he kept it for as long as possible.

Meet Joseph. Joseph is a massive train fan. Him and his friends set-up this mammoth 50 meter Lego train track throughout his house over two weeks. It took about six years to save up the money to buy all the pieces. If that doesn’t scream dedication, we don’t know what does. It’s amazing how he managed to put the tracks everywhere in the house, including the areas under the beds, the porch and in between the garden bed flowers. He even managed to incorporate the cat and dog lounging areas in his train’s destination. All of the clips in the video were filmed from a GoPro on top of one of the Lego trains.

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