Jonathan Pie's Temperature Raised by Terms Like, 'Election Fever'

StoryfulPublished: June 30, 2017Updated: July 1, 2017
Published: June 30, 2017Updated: July 1, 2017

Actor and comedian Tom Walker, whose alter ego, Jonathan Pie, is a journalist frequently frustrated by the nature of news presenting, takes umbrage in this video to having to use the term “Election Fever” in a scripted news report. The idea of the UK being swept up in such a thing strikes him as “bullshit,” he says, before launching into a screed that contrasts voter apathy with some of the least popular choices made by conservatives in power.Pie works himself into a lather with, presumably, his producer talking to him through an earpiece, and by the end of his tirade, he proclaims he’s planning a move to Zimbabwe.More of Pie’s popular frustrated newsreader routines can be found here.

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