Adorable Baby Wins Beagle Upon Their First Encounter

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Published: June 30, 2017

The Moore family decided to keep their newborn son and family dog separated for the first few months of baby’s life. Fortunately they had nothing to worry about as the Beagle seemed completely enamored with the latest addition to his family, which proves that even from very early on, dog becomes man’s best friend! This home-movie captures their first encounter and the results are heart-achingly adorable!

Footage shows the first encounter between Beagle and baby and is truly amazing. They share a special bond even if the baby seems more interested in gnawing on the dog. Watch as the sweet dog takes in all the love this baby can give and showers it with love and affection. These two are destined to become friends for life. However, Buddy and the baby are already getting along perfectly fine.

When Buddy met the baby for the first time owners didn’t know what to expect and the dog wasn’t sure what to think of the tiny human. However, Buddy was patient and curious upon meeting the newest addition to the family, and even rolled over on his back to play with the snuggly stranger. Cuteness overload level up!

Scott Moore and his wife were concerned about how the dog would react to the baby so they kept them apart for a few months. This is what happened when they finally met.

Watch the sweet moment when the family dog is introduced to his owners' newborn son for the first time and is totally won over by the gurgling tot. What an adorable moment!

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