Dramatic Seal Rescue Attempt From Lobster Line Around Neck Almost Results In Choking

Caters_NewsPublished: June 30, 2017Updated: July 2, 20171,253 views
Published: June 30, 2017Updated: July 2, 2017

Animal rescuers have to be some of the bravest, most persevering people out there. Everyday they are faced with incredible rescue operations, some of which require more time and effort than others. This is the case when a group of rescuers had to change plans and work together to rescue a seal that was choking in its own natural habitat!

The footage shows the team from Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary, led by Jan and Paul Bevington, moving through the waters Sandness in Shetland, Scotland, looking for an injured seal. When they do spot the creature bobbing in the water, they quickly realize that the poor pup has a lobster line wrapped around the neck!

SSPCA inspector Terresa Jamieson decided that there is no time to lose. She dons a diving suit and jumps into the freezing water. The fully grown and ferocious Atlantic gray seal was understandably frightened and aggressive, so the team decided that it is better to just cut the line as fast as they can and provide the seal with some relief. When they saw that cutting the animal free while in the water would be a futile attempt, they hoist him up above water, put a towel over his eyes to calm him down and finally cut the noose from his neck.

Thanks to these brave professionals, the beautiful creature gets to swim another day!

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