Taking A Walk With Your Python Pet Can Be Exhausting

StoryfulPublished: June 30, 2017600 views
Published: June 30, 2017

Having a pet is a blessing from God. They bring joy to your home, they are always there for you in good and in bad. No matter how hard you try to remain in good contact with humans, at the end of the day having an animal friend gets to be to best choice you can make.

But when it comes to taking them for a walk around the neighborhood, also comes the hard part of the friendship. You try to communicate with them, try to explain to them how important some things are, like for example, going a little bit faster, because you have some other obligations to do, but no… Boy, they do not want to listen to you. They have gone out for a walk and you can not ruin their moment of pure happiness.

A human and his furry friend wandering around might seem like a normal thing to see on the streets, but you definitely have not seen a pet like this. An albino python…

Yes, you read that correctly. This guy has taken his big albino python for a walk around his neighborhood and he is pissed off because the snake will not go faster.

“God, I hate taking out for a walk. You are always so slow. Come on, come on...”

Well what can you do? He is your buddy, you can not leave him behind.

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