Dog Gets The Tingling Sensation Every Time Owner Showers Him With Kisses

StoryfulPublished: June 30, 201711,816 views
Published: June 30, 2017

An adorable video has emerged capturing the heartwarming moment between a dog and his owner sharing kisses. Everytime his owner gives him kisses, this dog seems overjoyed and crying for more, or is he?

Watch as this adorable pooch receives a kiss on the cheek from his owner and immediately makes strange sounds, which can be interpreted as signs of enjoyment. Pure bliss can be read all over pooch’s face every time owner leans in to present him with a smooch. However, the highlight of this video is the awkward noises that this dog makes shortly after owner sugars him with love. Adorable!

Footage shows a man cuddling and kissing his pet pooch and every time the owner goes in for a kiss, the dog makes a weird noise. Hilarious!

Dog lovers tend to interpret dog’s licks as kisses, but does man’s best friend know how humans express their love? Do dogs actually understand and like being kissed the old-fashioned way or do they also expect to get sloppy slurps as signs of affection?

The meaning of a dog lick can depend on how the licks are offered to their people. For example, the long, slurpy kisses accompanied by a soft, wiggly body are usually very affectionate gestures, so humans should appreciate them. However, if the dog offers a lick and slinks away, it probably wasn't trying to French kiss you, sorry!

In addition, licks aren't the only way you can tell your dog is head-over-heels for you. If your dog leans into you or rests his head or paw on you, it is actually its way of showing affection. Sometimes when dogs offer a soft stretch towards a person, it can be interpreted as an 'I love you' sign!

One of the first experiences in a puppy's life is being licked by its mother immediately after birth. Dogs lick to express affection, to show submission, and to gather information. When a dog licks itself or another dog, it releases stress-relieving hormone endorphins which making it a pleasant experience. These gestures are not kisses as we understand them, but they can serve many utilitarian functions as well.

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