New York Times Staff Walk Out Over Cutbacks

StoryfulNews Published June 29, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble Reporters and editors at the New York Times walked out of their jobs on Thursday, June 29, over plans to cut or redistribute up to half of the newspaper’s copy and photo editor jobs. On Wednesday, those affected by the restructuring sent a letter to top editors saying that quality would suffer if the plans went ahead. “Cutting us down to 50 to 55 editors from more than 100, and expecting the same level of quality in the report, is dumbfoundingly unrealistic. Work with us on a new number,” it said. During the 15-minute walkout, staff held signs reading, “Copy editors save our buts (sic)” and “This sign wsa not edited (sic)” to highlight the importance of the jobs at stake. Credit: Instagram/iamtheroar via Storyful