Elephant Mom Can't Wake Up Baby, So The Keepers Step In

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Published: June 29, 2017

No matter the species, motherly instincts always kick in. Here, a mama Janita, an Indian elephant, tries waking her sleepy baby Maximilian, but to no avail. She becomes more nervous and stressed out the longer he just lies there, but he seems to be dreaming about something fun and is deeply invested in his dream.

It seems it is time for the zookeeper to step in and help. The Prague Zoo employee approaches the calf and nudges it really hard for some time, until it finally breaks its sleep and gets up, easing mama Janita's mind.

Maximilian is the first baby elephant to be conceived and born on the ground of the Prague Zoo in over 80 years. It is Janita's first baby.

“The baby was born in the Elephant Valley, which was opened in 2013. We would not have been able to say these words if the founder had not enabled us to build the Elephant Valley, if the Czech diplomats, headed by Miloslav Stašek, had not helped us get female elephants from Sri Lanka, and, above all, if our team of elephant breeders, led by Pavel Brandl and Jiří Javůrek, had not been able to choose and adhere to the right methods of working with elephants,” said the Director of Prague Zoo, Miroslav Bobek.

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  • 2 rumbles
    Giggle · 33 weeks ago

    Exactly like First World moms everywhere!

    • 3 rumbles
      breannaw12 · 33 weeks ago

      All mothers, Everywhere. <3

    • 0 rumbles
      JoDee · 32 weeks ago

      Seriously? "First World" moms? Mothers are the same all over the world no matter their economic situation or where they live.

      • 1 rumble
        Giggle · 32 weeks ago

        Yeah! Seriously! How lucky you are to be able to speak for moms everywhere. Alas, I can only speak on behalf of First World moms.

  • 1 rumble
    JefferyRightmire · 33 weeks ago

    Nature-tis a beautiful thing to behold.

  • 1 rumble
    RavenFall · 33 weeks ago

    I guess I'd be worried about some kind of sleep apnea, when he was sleeping that deeply. Silly boy !!

    • 1 rumble
      RockyRoad · 33 weeks ago

      Needs a CPAP mask.

  • 1 rumble
    dnnroeder · 33 weeks ago

    must have been a really good dream!!! lol

  • 1 rumble
    LisaDM · 32 weeks ago

    Aaaah! He didn't want to wake up yet mama!