Cuddly Marmot Fails At Being Fierce

StoryfulPublished: June 29, 20171,458 views
Published: June 29, 2017

Allow us to introduce you to your new favorite animal; the marmot. Classified as a large ground squirrel the marmot is nothing more than a ball of fluff with buck teeth. Adorable as he may look, it turns out that the marmot has a very powerful set of lungs squirreled away! As these tourists were delighted to discover, the marmot’s scream is actually rather funny to hear.

The hikers came across the little creature standing on a wooden fence while visiting Blackcomb Mountain, in British Columbia, Canada. The group decided to film the rodent and after taking up a safe position, zoomed in on it and waited patiently for something to happen. As the marmot stands in front of a backdrop that looks like it should be on a postcard, it releases a very blood-chilling scream like nails on a chalkboard and it makes you think - is that all?

If you think the clip looks familiar, then you, friend, are a true internet meme connoisseur! This Alpine fur pal has become an overnight internet sensation, after someone dubbed over a grown man’s voice screaming in its stead. Whoever did it did a spectacular job at dubbing, because if you never found this original clip, you could swear that the marmot actually had the voice of a grown-ass man with month old frustrations boiling under his skin.

Still, pretty cool, don't you think?

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