Drone Captures Incredible Footage of Utah Mountains

Storyful Published June 29, 2017 213,767 Plays

Rumble Drone enthusiast Ben Vegel captured this amazing footage of the Utah landscape in the autumn of 2015. The sweeping shots show hills, mountains, trees, rivers and more. Ben points to the vibrant orange-yellow color of the tree leaves set against a mountain backdrop as a particularly scenic shot.


  • BroncoBob, 1 year ago

    Truly captivating, stunning videography, only a master can achieve. I'm out of words to describe how I feel about this video. I lived in Southern Nevada 35 years and took so many videos on a Panasonic Professional camcorder, with full-sized VHS tapes. So much editing, splicing. Lots of weight to be dragging around. Really glad when they went digital and downsized. My next major purchase is going to be a DJI Phantom Pro. Viewing this makes me even more anxious to get started. Thank's for sharing.

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