Prolong The Life Of Old Flip Flops In Just A Few Steps

Published June 29, 2017 374,308 Views

Rumble We are living in a world that is moving too fast, too soon, metaphorically speaking. This doesn’t mean that the Earth has accelerated its speed when turning on its axis. No, the day still has 24 hours and this fact hasn’t changed throughout human’s existence. What is different, ‘though, is human’s perception of time. It seems that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done and it’s an absolute disgrace to waste it on trivial things like clothing repair or actually taking the time to investigate where your clothes were made. But in reality, these things matter.

What worth is time if we don’t have a healthy location to spend time on. We only need to slow down a bit to realize that we can save precious time in the future if we only spend a little bit of time on repairing our clothes in the now. So don’t waste your time anymore and take a look at this <a href="" target="_blank">DIY tutorial</a>. Prolonging the lifetime of your old flip flops has never been easier.

When wearing <a href="" target="_blank">flip flops</a>, we often end up with a broken strap which is an easily repairable issue. If your strap has snapped in half or you just want to update the look of your footwear, you only need the sole and a bit of fabric. Check out this tutorial on how to make the classic look flip flops and the sandal version of the same. Enjoy and happy DIY-ing!