Adorable moment toddler falls in love with newborn baby sister after meeting her for the first time

Caters_NewsPublished: June 29, 2017Updated: July 5, 20174,506 views
Published: June 29, 2017Updated: July 5, 2017

Depending how old you were when you got your first sibling, you might be lucky enough to remember meeting them for the first time. I know I certainly do remember seeing my baby brother come in from the hospital, wrapped in a powdery blue blankie that I could swear was mine just a few days ago. I went to say hi and tell him how I can't wait to play with him, but all he did was scream! Ah, those were the days...

When little Madilyn Smith went to the hospital with her dad to see mom, she was in for quite a surprise. She got to meet newborn baby sister Olivia for the first time ever.

Once Madilyn laid eyes on the baby girl, she was in love with the tiny baby. “Awww” was the first thing that came out of the big sister's mouth, clad in a tee shirt that says “Olivia's Big Sister”. Eager to hug her sister, she points to the baby and then puts her hand on her heart, clearly overwhelmed by the cuteness in front of her. She just can't wait to get closer!

Dad lowers the toddler closer as she says “She came out of your belly”, all in giggles, before planting a tender first kiss on baby Olivia's head. We have melted through and through!

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