Stubborn Cockatoo Refuses To Eat His Broccoli

StoryfulPublished: June 29, 20171,330 views
Published: June 29, 2017

We will be honest here and admit that, yes, broccoli aren’t everyone favorite veggie. They are foul when they are fresh, they sometimes smell foul when steamed, roasting them is out of the question and they are green! The only green thing some people like is the stuff they step on in parks!

Yet every time a dietary change has to be made, doctors always make a note to recommend to “eat your greens”. People forget to eat their salads, since pasta is faster to cook and burgers are even faster, plus no mess in the kitchen. Can you imagine what it must be like for a cockatoo to switch to a healthier diet, after they have been fed nuts and other junk their whole life? You can bet there will be protest and some vile words being spoken in the process!

Eric the Australian bare eyed cockatoo, AKA ‘Eric the Legend’, was advised by the vet to eat more broccoli. And apparently he is not impressed with this dietary advice. The stubborn cockatoo repeatedly throws the bowl of the green stuff off of the table, like a toddler refusing to eat their vegetables. When his owner tries to film take three, Eric proceeds to remove the florets from the dish, then rips them to shreds in protest.

C’mon Eric, eat your greens mate. After all, they are good for you. Wanna try downing them with some yogurt?f

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