Feeding Frenzy as Over 30 Sharks Tear at Whale Carcass

StoryfulPublished: June 28, 2017312 views
Published: June 28, 2017

Spectacular aerial footage of a three-day feeding frenzy has been captured off the coast of Western Australia, with over 30 sharks tearing into a whale carcass. While on a fishing trip on July 4, father and son Grant and Sam Eastland captured footage of a school of what they believe to be tiger sharks feasting on a dead whale. They told Australia’s 7 News the sharks were there for three days.Around the three-minute mark, the carcass makes it to shore, with many of the sharks following. At one point, one of the sharks ends up on land on its back, and begins thrashing to get back in the ocean. Sam even gets close enough to touch its tail.

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