Wojtek The Bear That Went To War

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Published: June 28, 2017Updated: July 3, 2017

During World War One, Russian soldiers in the Middle East came across a bear cub that will eventually become the mascot of the company.

They named him Wojtek, which translated means “Joyful Warrior”. By all accounts, the sub enjoyed play-boxing and wrestling with his fur-less comrades and would even understand when they've had enough.

As he grew, Wojtek the bear moved on from condensed milk and was given the same rations as the other soldiers, beer and cigarettes included. He has learned to smoke y watching the soldiers, though some report that he would actually eat the cigarettes, as he couldn't inhale the smoke. Eventually his rations would double, as he grew to be over six feet tall and weighing 485 pounds.

He travelled with his troop from Iran to Palestine and Egypt without a problem. When the time came to board a ship towards Naples, authorities wouldn't allow the bear on, so they made his an official soldier, which would later learn to salute, carry ammo or boxes of shells.

When the war finally ended, so did Wojtek's military career. He was discharged and transferred to the Edinburgh Zoo, where he lived for 15 years until his death in 1963. They commemorated him and his service with a statue in Park Jordana in Krakow, Poland and another one in Princes Street Garden in Edinburgh.

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