The Christmas Island Miracle: The Migration of the Bright Red Crab

Published June 28, 2017 3,217 Views $6.14 earned

There are an estimated 40 to 50 million Red Crabs on Christmas Island, in the Indian Ocean. When “wet season” comes, the island experiences “rivers of red”, as the Red Crabs begin their migration towards the ocean.

Their migration is in sync with the lunar cycle. Why, you might ask? Well, because these red crabs go near the ocean to begin their mating rituals! Sounds quite romantic, doesn’t it, full moon and the ocean?

Islanders have accepted their rituals and support them so much, that they have built fences on the sides of the roads, underpasses and bridges to help the crabs travel safely towards their ultimate spawning destination.

There, the males will dig burrows, where they will inseminate their chosen females. The female Red Crabs can produce up to 100,000 eggs in a season and she will stay with them in the burrow for the next 12 days. At the 12th day mark, the females exit the burrows just before dawn, when the outgoing tide is perfect for hatching the eggs upon impact.

Most if the juvenile crabs will get eaten by the predators in the ocean, but those who do survive will come back and begin the next chapter of The Christmas Island Miracle!

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