Spain’s Museo Atlántico is Europe’s First Underwater Contemporary Art Museum

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Published: June 28, 2017Updated: July 4, 2017

If you want to visit this museum, you better bring your scuba equipment with. Museo Atlántico is Europe’s First Underwater Contemporary Art Museum and it is located in Spanish waters.

Jason deCaires Taylor, an artist from Britain, was the mastermind behind this art with a message! In 2006, he created the world’s first ever underwater sculpture park in Grenada, Spain.
Last year, he made a 60 ton sculpture called Ocean Atlas, which he then sunk in Mexico.

His latest brainchild is Museo Atlántico, which is the first ever underwater contemporary art museum in Europe! It took two years for the museum to be constructed, which is located off the coast of Lanzarote in Spain. The museum consists of a series of 12 installations, each submerged under 46 feet of seawater. The 300 sculptures are based of local residents of the Lanzarote region.

The concrete used to make these sculptures is a specially formulated, PH neutral mix that promotes marina life and coral growth.

When you go to visit this unique establishment, you will be able to see stingray, octopi and barracuda, as they swim among the statues. The statues provide a unique opportunity to observe coral without harming the Ocean’s natural reefs.

The one installation that has been getting a lot of attention is titled “Crossing the Rubicon”, featuring 35 statues walking towards a small entryway in a 13 foot tall wall, “...a boundary between two realities, and a portal to the Atlantic Ocean”.

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