Kopi Luwak: Coffee beans that are pooped from a Cat

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Published: June 28, 2017

Feed a cat-like critter a coffee cherry, then sit back and wait for the magic to happen. The results may be delicious, but at what cost?

Any discussion on kopi luwak, some of the most expensive coffee in the world, must start by getting one thing out of the way…Yes! We are talking about coffee beans—that come out of the butt—of this animal; the Asian palm civet. Let’s take a BIG step back and explain how it all works.

The beans we know and love are harvested from berries, or cherries. This is also where the civet comes into play. While you might think of coffee as a delicious cup of joe, perhaps covered in chocolate, the civet actually eats the cherry whole and poops out the seed, or bean. If you are worried about bacteria from the poop, don't worry – they all get nicely cleaned up during the roasting process. Studies suggest that this type of processing eliminates the bitter notes from the bean, resulting in a distinctly different flavor.

The dark side of the dark roast is the problem with supply. The civets are wild animals and locating their feeding and pooping grounds can be a challenge. Some manufacturers have tried keeping them in cages, while force feeding them the berries and denying them other types of foods they usually eat, leading to allegations about animal cruelty.

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