50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #77

MatthewSantoroPublished: July 21, 2017233 views
Published: July 21, 2017

Gather round, boy and girls, because we are here to satiate your appetite for trivia with 50 facts that will blow your human minds!

Matthew Santoro is back at it again with 50 incredible, awkward and downright perplexing facts from around the globe. From fun facts about food, to gadgets and apps, Matthew has got it all!

Learn how much the extent of the North Korean dictatorship reached those who like to put tattoos on their own bodies; how diabetes effects dogs and cats (one in every 100 dogs and one in every 250 cats are affected with the disease); why Norway sends a Christmas Spruce tree to Great Britain; what kind of medicine-infused coffee pods you can purchase for your machine; where you can find a burning candle that you can activate with your smart phone; and so many more!

Feast your mind on these 45 other wacky stuff that happen or have happened all around the planet! Matthew has done his research very thoroughly, so that you can relax, grab a bucket of popcorn and make sure not to choke when the weird stuff comes on!

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