This Pup Is Super Happy To Finally Be Found By A Caring Human

NewsflarePublished: June 28, 2017632,815 views
Published: June 28, 2017

An amazing and heartwarming video has emerged of a man finding an abandoned puppy in a field in Skidra, Greece. The footage, shot last month, shows the puppy's reaction to being found, jumping around and asking for belly rubs. The filmmaker explained online that he spotted the dog while on his daily jog. The jogger takes the puppy home, only to call animal control to come and pick it up. The puppy is now safe and in a good and loving home.

The jogger went onto further explaining that he was just jogging on his usual route when he saw the dog running around in a field and producing joyful squeaks. The dog's reaction to seeing the runner is both adorable and sad. It seems like the little pooch is both scared and happy to encounter a living soul. When the runner first tries to make an approach, the pooch hides in the grass, but when the runner takes off, the pup starts tagging along, following the human.

The dog was about 500 meters away from a busy street, indicating that it was lost or abandoned all the way out there. It was a good thing that this jogger found the dog and everything turned out alright in the end! It is adorable to see the priceless reaction of this little pup to finally being found! He cannot contain his excitement!

Whoever adopted this dog could use some dog toys on Amazon to keep this little pup happy and healthy, considering it has so much energy!

This jogger came at the right time and truly saved this dog!

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      BOBCATWELDER · 1 year ago

      Dog does not seem hungry as the fully developed stomach and he was most likely dog napped by the jogger ..

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      tjames35 · 16 weeks ago


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      Timnangie · 11 weeks ago

      The jogger didn't seem too overly excited to have encountered the pup. So did he dump him at a shelter, or did he comfort the pup and give him a safe and loving home? An update as to what happened to the puppy would be really nice!! But I doubt it was the jogger that helped. He didn't even really want to touch the poor baby. Please let us know what happened to the puppy!!!!