A particularly unsafe way to ride a motorbike

NewsflarePublished: June 28, 2017Updated: July 3, 20171,512 views
Published: June 28, 2017Updated: July 3, 2017

This footage has emerged from China of a woman riding a motorbike in, what we hope you will agree on, a particularly unsafe way.

The video, filmed in Changsha, Hunan Province on June 11, shows the woman lying on her stomach on flattened cardboard boxes with her legs dangling off the back while driving the vehicle at high speed. The entire maneuver looks like something out of a circus, when a performer would ride a motorcycle on a round ramp and they would perform all these gravity-defying stunts, making the entire audience crawl to the edge of their seats.

This, however, is real life and this woman probably is making a living out of these cardboard boxes, with the motorcycle being her only means of transport. It might look curious enough for you to try it out for yourself, but unless you are an extreme athlete of some sort, we would seriously advise against it.

Sure, it is all for the thrill, but does it really excuse the risk of a crippling accident, or worse? We hope this lady got home safely and soon found a better and far safer way to transport her cardboard goods, because this is painful just to watch!

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