Descending into darkness! Incredible moment freediver swims more than 60 meters underwater while simply holding his breath 

Caters_NewsPublished: June 28, 20171 views
Published: June 28, 2017

By Ellie Duncombe, this is the incredible moment a free-diver descends into the darkness – swimming more than 60 meters underwater while simply holding his breath. Superhuman Alexey Molchanov can be seen diving down into the world famous Blue Hole  – a submarine sinkhole in the Red Sea – without the aid of flippers or oxygen tank. This diver is truly an astonishing human being, mesmerizing viewers as he attempts what most people cannot. People really can be amazing!

With each stroke going lower and lower, Alexey captivates viewers and astonishes them with his superhuman like abilities! A lot of people are scared of the deep dark abyss that is the ocean, but not Alexey! All he is concerned about is how far he can get in the deep dark abyss. Watching Alexey gives us all courage to try new things that we wouldn't have done before! He is truly and amazing human being!

Alexey must only have the best swim gear to reach amazing feats such as this one. If he ever needs more, he could always buy more diving gear on Amazon for all his needs!

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