Huge Carp Isn't Going To Let Any Fisherman Take It Away

Published June 27, 2017 130,487 Views $350.00 earned

When you go fishing for trophies, it is only natural that you would want to take one - or several – celebratory photos with your catch. Carp has to be one of those most demanding fish to catch, since they can be very feisty to pull out of the water, not to mention the massive sizes they are able to reach.

This fisherman caught a huge specimen of carp and he was showing it off on the shore of the Brno Reservoir near Brno, Czech Republic. And as well he should – that is one gorgeous fish and it looks pretty heavy, the two guys are barely able to handle it.

That fish is a trophy for the books and the dude is smiling ear to ear, waiting for the money shot. But when he tries to set the fish on the tarp, it tries to escape and seeing that it is still one slippery bugger, it wasn't long before it found its way back into the water from where it came from. Oops! This carp wasn't going to let the fisherman take it, it was going to find its way back into the water no matter what! This is one tough fish!

Lesson learned: if you're going to brag, maybe do it a little farther away from the water. Better luck next time!

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