Hilarious moment baby boy is ‘blown over’ by his first sneeze

Caters_News Published June 27, 2017 3,294 Plays

Rumble   By Kim Reader, this adorable video shows the moment a baby is literally BLOWN OVER by his first sneeze. The hilarious footage shows five-week-old Oliver Mason face-planting onto the sofa from the force of his ‘first big sneeze’ as mom Emily Hannaford, 19, looks on in hysterics. This adorable baby will look back on this video in the future, only to thank his mom for recording , or get annoyed when she shows everyone!

Ahh the joys of having kids. They bring so much light and laughter into ones life, so much so that you can't help but to record these moments so you can show it to them in the future...or show it for the rest of the world to see! We should be applauding Emily for managing to capture the adorable moment on tape, as well as that amazing save as the baby fell over.

Like every mom, Emily could sure use the best selling diapers on Amazon for all of baby Oliver's needs! After all, a little internet star should be wearing the best diapers!

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