Mom reveals why dog never needs nails trimming – as he bites them like a human

Caters_NewsPublished: June 27, 201782 views
Published: June 27, 2017

Out of all the nasty habits you can do to your body, nail biting has to be the grossest. It is a common, but unresolved problem in psychiatry, psychology, medicine and dentistry. People of all ages have been suffering from this nervous habit and everyone tries to shed this habit with various methods.

It seems that doggies have the same problem; just maybe not for the same reasons. Karen Cawthorn has a lovable, cuddly, unique pup. Her friends didn't believe her when she told them that her 2-year-old cockapoo named Jarvis had picked up a very human-like habit: nail-biting.

Jarvis, however, doesn’t seem concerned. His owner actually thinks that Jarvis bites his nails to keep them at a certain length. Although she does take him to get his nails clipped regularly, he clearly wants to have the final say on the matter.

When Karen first saw Jarvis biting his nails, she was obviously worried, thinking that something might have been wrong with his paws. Now, she just lets him do his thing — though it’s not like she can ask him to stop.

Anxiety can also be a factor with dogs biting their nails. Other reasons include boredom, a nail broken at the base, or it could be a medical issue. If you see your dog doing this to its nails, better consult a vet first.

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