High Speed Tank Crash In Minsk, Belarus

Published June 25, 2017 9,832 Plays

Rumble / Horrible DriversWhile on the way to rehearsal for the Republic Day Parade in Minsk, Belarus, this T-72 tank loses control and crashes into a street light at a dangerously high speed. How crazy is that?

When the video opens, we have a beautiful and clear view of an empty street in Minsk, Belarus. This takes place in Russia. The street is lined with beautifully laid out trees, perfectly spaced out and symmetrical. The buildings on either side of the street right past the median and sidewalk stand stoic and still, just as the rest of the city is while this video was being recorded. Minsk is the capital of this region. It is also the biggest city of the region. This video was recorded right before the main event was supposed to occur. The Republic Day Parade, also known as the Independence Day Parade, is held every single year. It is actually quite similar to the United States’ Independence Day and parades. Just as any other parade, certain entities involved need to practice. That is just what was going to happen, or what was supposed to be happening in this video. However, this practice run obviously did not go as well as the driver of the tank would have hoped.

Very quickly after the video begins, a tank can be seen off in the distance making its way toward where the man holding the camera to record this video is standing. All looks to be perfectly fine at first. However, it does not take very long to see that all is not well. Bystanders start to realize that this tank seems to be going entirely too fast down this small street. As the tank approaches the camera view, onlookers get very nervous and fearful, not knowing exactly what is going on or what is about to happen. No one would have or even could have been prepared for what comes next…

The tank barrels down the street leaving a trail of black smoke in its wake. The driver at the top of the tank can be seen peeking out over the out of control vehicle. One can only imagine what this poor man was thinking and feeling at this moment. Just then, the tank passes right by the person who has the camera filming this video. Surely this camera man was thankful he just so happened to be recording at this very moment. The tank begins to slide on the street to the right. It is a little difficult to tell for sure, but the streets do seem to be wet, so they could have been a bit slippery. The tank unfortunately is not equipped to stop quickly at such high speeds.

The tank swerves to the right and slams into a street light almost right in front of the camera view. The impact is shockingly hard and uncomfortable for anyone watching this scene. It is like a train wreck, and viewers just cannot help themselves or peel their eyes away from the horrific scene. Thankfully, the driver soon climbs out of the tank, and he seems not to be injured. This is a crazy scene!


  • BroncoBob, 2 years ago

    Looks like someone's going back to "Tank Drivers School" for some "Refresher" Courses. lol.

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