Humpback whale breaches right in front of tourist boat

NewsflarePublished: June 23, 2017Updated: June 24, 2017283 views
Published: June 23, 2017Updated: June 24, 2017

Another amazing video has emerged of a humpback whale breaching in front of astonished tourists. This breath taking video, shot off the coast of Manly in Australia on June 22, shows the whale jumping out of the water and falling back in a huge splash. This footage shows mother nature at its finest as this whale puts on an amazing show for tourist and viewers alike, breaching directly in front of the cameras. Something so simple and natural, can bring joy to the mind and soul.

This humpback whale is a majestic being of nature that shows how beautiful the world can be. These tourist got a very memorable experience, something that they will definably be talking about for years to come. It is these kinds of moments that you just have to take a step back and admire the world around you for what it is.

Cameras on Amazon have been flying off the shelf to capture moments such as this one. Nature is truly amazing and it needs to be documented through videos just like this one for the rest of the world to see.

Isn't nature just awesome? It is so unpredictable that you can never get bored of watching stuff like this!

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